Sunday, April 22, 2007



It was not a usual day. for one thing ,it was blazing hot out. Sarah and I went outside to go tan. Then Michelle called me to ask me if I wanted to go to the park to help pick up trash with Josh. I said "sure." And so we did so, and got ice-cream on our way back. When I went inside and saw Dad making ribs, he asked me to go clean the bathroom, so I did. Then I came out and Dad was making a salad. He chopped onions, radish, carrots, and put in some salad stuff. Then it was the tomatoes turn to be put into the salad, but it didn't go in, in one piece! (dun dun duhhhhhhhhhhh ) So as I watch Dad take an inasent little tomato I filled with fear! Only for a minute! As I watched Dad picking up the knife, I could only watch in horror. As the first slit of tomato was made, as I watched in horror, I could hear the crying of the tomatoes! As I watched the red blood dripping from the cut to the edges of the cutting board I thought of the word redrum! ( murder) This was not a pleasant thing to experience at such a young age, but I pray for that tomato, and wish it luck, in vegy heaven. There is a chalk mark around were the vegy was cut. Because It was REDRUM!

By Tessa p****

Sunday, March 04, 2007


DOG Bacon and eggs

As I said in yesterdays, we had company . So for breakfast we had bacon and eggs.(A traditional food for company)First the adults awoke, then there infants, then Sarah, Then me, and then Michelle. So by the time Michelle awoke, Dad had already started the morning meal. It looked delicious and tasty. It even fooled ME!! Then when it was served, we all ate, everyone ate the bacon first, I ate eggs first. When I saw dog hair I thought it was a coincidence. So I just pulled it off. I don't remember much after that, because there was still hair on it. Now it matched up perfectly with the same D.N.A. as a dog( the Tanner dog) My guess is that someone in this house who was in the kitchen put that hair from the dog into something that nobody knows about.Not even I.It was most likely made to take over the mind.

So beware of what you eat and always beware of HAIR.!!!...
Till next time I write.

Tessa p****
( ATTENTION most of the stories I right on this blog are made up from the place which you earthlings call the brain)!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


The Worms On The Plate That Looked Like Pasketti

It was a night like today or rather it was today and not some random night like today. We were having company over so we had to eat and make our dinner fast. When we found out it was spaghetti, everyone but me cheered. I got suspicious, I didn't trust the chef. His name, Chef Leatareded. With his lopsided i he wore a i patch. And his trusty side-box, called side-box-kick .With the gurilla in the kitchen and the cat in the soup, i wasn't supprised there was hair in it.As i spyed on the chef with my trusty McDonalds straw wich is as long as I am tall, the straw disturbed the gurilla and the gurilla hit the bired and the bired hit the dragon then all of a sudden the dragon spit into the noodles.(My friends(so called friends) are drunk).

(this colour is dragon snot)
So as we ate the stuff that the dragon put into the noodles, it soon took (my friends are talking about abbs) over us. So I stopped a.s.a.p. Ijupped into action and saved my friends.(so called friends) what was in the noodles I don't know. but it was very dangorous.

By, tessa, michelle, and sarah

P.s., they were drunk on water.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


The problem cake

Once apon a time, in a little town called Dutton, there lived a gradma with 2 grandchildren over to visit. It was the Grandmas sons and one of her grandoughters birthday and she needed help with the cake. So she gave one a chocolate mix and th other a vianila mix. As they made there mixes they talked. Then when they finished, and put it in the oven, something went wroung. The oven had a magical liqiud that droped into the cake, and as the cake cooked it slowlycame to life!!!!! DUN DUN DUHHHHHHHHH!! As for when the cake finished it looked all innocent and tasty. But I knew something had to have gone terribly wrong!! The cake will soon take over us all! And theres nothing we can do to stop it. This is what happens when you cook a MARBLE cake.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Ginger House TERROR

( Sat.Dec. 16 06.)
It started off like a normal day- well, almost normal. I woke up, read ,Dad and Michelle left, I went down stairs, ate, cleaned bathroom,and we watched t.v. Matt wasn't there so, I enjoyed it. We all know what it's like to be away from a person that annoys you! We've all been there. But my story happens about an hour after Matt came home. Dad suggested that we built an innocent looking ginger bread house. You will find this house wasn't all that innocent!!! As we all do once in our lives we don't read instructions. It was just our time not to. So, we didn't. We were supposed to soak the icing in water, but we didn't. So, the house wasn't perfect. We also, thinking the house pieces were innocent, began to build. as soon as we got the roof on, it fell off. And fell again. And guess what? It fell again!! But no matter, it's Sarah to the rescue! She grabbed the roof with her mighty fingers and began to hold! As Josh and I began to decorate! When we finished that we let the roof go, then it fell apart. So, we took it apart. Then, we helped ourselves to frosting! The house was alive! We created a monster! A MONSTER I tell you a MONSTERHERHER!
Well, bye for now, Tessa the extreme writer.

Sunday, October 15, 2006




It was the perfect day for cooking in the kitchen Just like any other day. And as you all should know it is my nana's birhday today.( sun. 15th) So I asked Michelle yesterday if I could bake her a cake. She said Icould bake her some cupcakes.So I said o.k. So I looked for a cake mix. Then I got 2 cupcake pans. Then I made the mix. After I put them in the pan Iput them in the oven. Then my Dad, whithout knowing turned off the oven, right in the middle of the prosess. So it took longerto bake. After they were done and after dinner we had one. They looked burned. I thought they were burned. But after the first bite, it turned out to be very very dark chocolate.


Monday, October 09, 2006


"The breakfast cries"

Today I am in the kitchen whith Sarah, Daddy, and Michelle. We are making our breakfast. It is going sooo swell. We are having a ball. WE are making... hashbrowns,sausages, bacon, and eggs. It is very splended indead. It is also very noisy. And Sarah is jumping at christapher as we speek.She is now smothering him to death!! The bacon is spitting because it does not wont to be eaten. Now we are cracking the eggs. (this computer is being very weird) If you were here you would be able to here the screams from the food!! It's tooo horrable Now the poor bread is crying!!

thanks for reading "The breakfast cries".
Tessa p.

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